How To Choose Fiberglass Pool

Right Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

  1. Find out the company which makes more designs, shape and sizes of swimming pools. The more size and shape will let you choose the correct designs and size for your requirement.
  2. Second important is quality of fiber glass of swimming pool.  As from dust bin to yachts are all made of different grade of fiber glass.
  3. All fiberglass pools are not created equally. There is little misconception the subgrade pool builder will tell you. Such as that our pool are heavy as we used more layers. But the truth is they are using chalk power for increasing the weight of pool. But these are weak pools and do not have strength.
  4. The manufacturer process also takes toll on quality of fiberglass swimming pools. The cheap pool is made of cheap products.
  5. Always see the swimming pool finished before purchase as shiny brochure and web sites do not hold guarantee of good pool.
  6. Pools are not for few years but are for long life along with your house. The strength and finishes play important role of swimming pools.
  7. Warrantee of swimming pools is to be checked one is structural warrantee and second is interior finish warrantee.
  8. The finishes of pools are to be checked as samples before building the pool. The thumb rules are the finishes should be uniform. There should be no air in between layer of fiberglass.
  9. Few pool builder use steel frame on pool which are by passing time these pool change shapes.
  10. Never get pool made at your site or home as there is no provision of that. Fiberglass pools are always made at factory as first mold then die and only after that pools are made.

Why to choose ‘Arrdevpools’ swimming pools?

Arrdevpools are the oldest fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer in India.

Have 6 design and shapes of swimming pools
October, rectangular, roman, swim spa, kids pool, hydro-spa.

Range of sizes

8.6 x 6 x 3 ft. spa.
12 x6.5 x 3.5 ft. swim spa.
14 x7 x 4 ft.  pool.  Rectangular.
15 x 9.6 x 4 ft rectangular pool.
16 x 7.5 x 4.5 ft. roman shape pool.
19 x 9.6 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
19 x 12 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
19 x 15 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
21 x7.5 x4.5 ft roman shape pool.
22 x 8x 4 ft October model pool.
25 x9.6 x 4 ft rectangular pool.
25 x 12 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
25 x 15 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
26 x7.5 x4.5 ft roman pool.
31 x 9.6 x 4 ft rectangular pool.
31 x 12 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.
31 x 15 x 4 ft. rectangular pool.

15 sizes of swimming pools.
1 spa
1 swim spa
to choose from.
(biggest range of sizes available in India)

Biggest Seller of swimming pools in India :
Sold Most no’s of fiberglass swimming pools at all the places we have sold our pools at
Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka, West Bengal, Kerala, Delhi, Goa, MP, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Manipur, Gujarat, Goa , Tamil Naidu etc.

 Internal color

Different colors

Wide range of color choice

Description: D:\mail catalogue\catalogue pages\fibre color of pools and filters.jpeg




Description: C:\Users\Aardev\Desktop\sparkle blue.jpg
Blue sparkles

Description: C:\Users\Aardev\Desktop\granite.jpg
Granite finish

Description: C:\Users\Aardev\Desktop\golden spark.jpg
Golden sparkle

We use best available material and give warrantee of 12 years for each pool. Even our oldest pool is already 7 year old and we are improving our quality day by day. Our pools can stand good for 25 years.

The thickness of pool is made by the filling chalk power into the fiber and weigh is also more but that kill the strength and finish of swimming pools.

Single pieces pools are made with machine spray of fiber and that remove the possibility of air in between. Take samples before making decision cut in between and check the layers. If loose in between or have chalk power the pool is not having strength.

Fixed in even small spaces/entries:
All pools are made in factory whatever may be size. However some pools are jointed at size which are in 2-4 pieces but made in factory only.

0% water wastage Pool:
Pipe less filters and cartridge filters are best suited for fiber glass swimming pools.

Counter current machine :

  1. Jet based counter current swimming system for endless swimming.
  2. Propeller types counter current system for different swimming speeds.

Jacuzzi System :
Different pools have sitting and steps which can be equipped with Jacuzzi jets.

Hydrotherapy Pools :
Our pools are specially designed for hydrotherapy purpose.

Water Gym :
Swimming pool gym is the physical fitness for the every age and group of home owners.

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