Why to Choose Arrdev Prefabricated Swimming pools?




Advantage and disadvantage

Material of panel

Steel wall of 2 mm thickness with wave formation.
Others use plastic shuttering and fill RCC in between. these are like RCC pools but unnecessarily expensive.

Fibre glass panels of 5 mm thickness plain

Arrdevpools panel do not required any foam or cloth sheet in between liner and panel.
Our panel are stronger and can be replaced individually.

Back support

They have GI 3 mm thick channels or plastic support with brackets just to hold the wall.

MS made support with bolted in panel and after every 4 ft distance.

Above ground pool are independently supported. No brick wall is required at back of panel walls


Have fixed size usually oval or round.

We have flexible sizes and any shapes

Any size big or small is possible because of individual panel construction and depth also can be varied.

Under water light

No provision of underwater lights.

We fix wall mounted light as in any other swimming pools.

Light is integral part of any swimming pool which is missing in panel pools of others.

Fixed position of accessories

The skimmer and inlet nozzles placements are fixed. As prefabricated

We can alter the fixing of skimmer or nozzles or can have Pipe less filter of Arrdevpools made.

There is great flexibility in installation.


Fixed liner coating is coming as per size of swimming pool and once damaged at one place needed to replace entirely.

We fix liner in pieces and joint them together and hence there is no limitation of size and shape also have localised repair mechanism.

Low cost of maintenance and easily done.


Fixed shapes or sizes.

We can make pool of Olympic size with these panels and no limitation of shapes as well.

Shapes variation is only available in our swimming pools.

Top decking

These cannot be hide and visible and obstruct.

We do need any braces and deck can be into the swimming pool. The coping is made of same material.

The view is clear and does not look plastic.

Infinity pool

No option or possible

We can have infinitive panel pools.

The functioning of fountain also can be there.


Chinese, French or Australian

Indian make

Parts and accessories easily available.

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