Prefabricated Pools

After years of research and development, Arrdev has introduced a new generation of unique Panel in-ground and above ground prefabricated swimming pools. Our panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non-biodegradable ACP fiberglass greatly increases the longevity of the pool. In addition, the cellular structure acts as a thermal screen holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils.
Arrdev Polymer straight panel is made from high impact, polystyrene resin. The top rails of the panel are 4" wide, and at bottom of panel is 12”, each panel is rigid with vertical and horizontal ribs. The center vertical rib in the 4 ft panel allows for a wall/deck support every four foot. Arrdev Pools combine the rugged engineering of a molded box-flange panel with the benefits of completely non-corrosive Structural Polymer, which means you can install a Pool where soil conditions are rusty and not stable. Even these pools can stand free standing without any support.

Below are the comparison of any other imported Australian/Chinese pool and our Arrdev pools.

1. Imported pools needed brick wall.
2. Or RCC support for walls.
Arrdev pools stand freely either underground
Or above ground installation.

Heavy Duty Wall Brace System

    The Arrdev heavy duty wall brace system is designed to hold the pool walls in place, giving maximum support. The convenient ground stakes secure the panels from any movement before the pouring of soil all around. The Arrdev heavy duty wall brace system allows for the attachment of a channel which will help carry the deck load and add strength to the overall pool structure.

The flexi Panel System

    Arrdev unique patented flexi curvy Wall System panel is made from fibre non-corrosive material. This panel has a 4" top and bottom rail with a vertical rib running the height of the panel every 4". Double resin strapping secures FLEX panel into place, maintaining a true radius and added support. Although polymer pools have been available for many years, the one thing they have lacked is the ability to create new shapes. The FLEX panel features patented live hinges which enable you, along with the help of your dealer, to choose from one of Arrdev many shapes or create your own shape. Panel allows for wall/deck brace support every three feet.
    54" Panel Walls
    This pool is also available in 54" high panels allowing for 6" more water depth in the pool (4'6" water depth). The extra water depth is ideal for flat bottom pool designs which have become more popular in recent years, and 6" of extra water depth in hopper design pools will increase the comfort level for adults using the shallow end of the pool.

Manufacturing and Engineering

    Our quality industry proven panel wall, vinyl liner swimming pools, available in over 200 shapes and sizes, have set the standard in the swimming pool industry. We at Arrdev are extremely proud of our innovative method of manufacturing and advanced engineering capabilities. Press systems represent our industry's state of the art method of manufacturing, replacing the old welded systems. The patented fastening systems do not destroy the integrity of the panel pool.

Exclusive U-Seam

    — With standard vinyl pool liners, the seams on the pool floor are visible. Arrdev exclusive U-seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of the pool!

    • Custom Designed and Manufactured
    • 100% Virgin Vinyl
    • Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid sanitizers to protect liners for a long life.
    • Manufactured with UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage.
    • Cold Crack Temperature Protection to -40°F
    • New or replacement liners are available; restyle your backyard!

Computer Automated Vinyl Cutting

    NArrdev strives to stay on top of leading technologies in the swimming pool industry. With our computer aided automatic cutting machines, we have once again broken new ground. State of the art, computer driven technology, in conjunction with an experienced, skilled designing staff, ensures your pools.

Steps and Kids Swimming Pools:

    With Arrdev wide collection of in-wall swimming pool steps, you can be sure to find the perfect entry way into your beautiful pool. These steps are anti-slippery and anti-skid designs.

Kids pools:

    The depth of pool is 2 ft for kids and these are in adjoining of main pool of 4 ft deep. In between we can add the barrier.Or small kid’s pool also can be possible in less range.

Deck & Coping Options

    From a standard brushed concrete deck, to custom hand laid stone deck, your swimming pool decking is an important feature to consider when building a new swimming pool or renovating an existing swimming pool. We offer a wide variety of coping designed to handle any decking option you choose. Speak with your professional swimming pool builder to discuss the available options. The copping is made especially for the holding the pool corner and it also prevent the rain or washing water get into swimming pool.

    The patented coping design ensures the liner is locked in the coping track around the pool. This feature eliminates dealer call backs. The coping is available in several profiles to accommodate the finished look you choose for your pool. I.E. concrete receptor for concrete decks, front mount and top mount track for brick coping, light track coping for fiber optic light systems, double track cover lock designed to hold a winter cover, also available in gray. Ask your dealer for complete details.


    Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool.

Rails & Ladders

    Getting in and out of a pool has never been so easy. Choose from a variety of rails and ladders.

Pool Lighting

    Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool.


    A swimming pool filter removes the dirt and debris from the water in your swimming pool. The filter removes more than just dirt and leaves, it also removes body oils, sunscreen and bacteria. Filters are available in three main types; cartridge, D.E. or sand. Each has their own benefits and sizes vary based on the volume of your swimming pool.We carry a wide selection of pumps, filters and heaters from today's top manufacturers.


    A swimming pools pump circulates the water throughout the pool and it's pluming. The pump pushes water through the filter, heater, chlorine generator and water features of your swimming pool. It is important that you select the appropriate pump for your swimming pool..


    Get your swimming pool exactly the right temperature and extend the swimming season by adding a heater or heat pump to your pool.

Pipe less Filters:

    The main issues with liner pools are the punchers and holes for skimmers which are usually made in Plastics and plastics usually damaged by heat sun light and degraded as the times pass. So any plastic part in prefabricated liner pool is subject to the decoration and leakage happens so to avoid this issue we use our world proven pipe less filters made in Fiber glass.
    Wall hung pipe less Commercial filter on swimming pool wall
    These filters are for commercial swimming pools of big size. One filter is good enough of 90 sq. meter swimming pool. For bigger pool the no of filters are increased.
    Mini Pipe less Filter for swimming pool
    Small prefabricated pool of 500 ft. with mini pipe less filter installed at hanging on the wall of swimming pool wall.

Over Flow Prefabricated Swimming Pools for Hotels

    Exclusive hotel pools prove: Swimming in an overflow channel pool - with almost no waves - is pure comfort. Swim your laps without being disturbed by wave reflections. The water calmly glides into the overflow channel, is filtered and used again.

    When the pool is not in use, the smooth water surface creates a stunning look - calming and relaxing. The XL pools with overflow channel are especially suitable for indoor swimming. Maximum space - maximum comfort.
    Arrdev is the first company who have overflow channel in prefabricated swimming pools.
    The balancing tank is not needed with these pools and we use the overflow channel holding tank in swimming pool walls. With these pools we can make infinity pools , overflow pools and skimmer swimming pools.

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