Swim Spa

Swim Spa Swim Spa Swim Spa Swim Spa Swim Spa

The need of Indian families for small spa with swimming facility was felt long so Arrdev have come up with swim spa which is suitable for the small space and can be accommodated in just 100 sqft (10 sqmeter).

This is suitable to fit at roof top with less weight; it can also be placed at back yard of house or inside house. Even fit in big size balcony.

SWIM SPA SIZE: 12 x 6.5 x 3.5 ft.
Water quantity: 4000 Liters
Water Filter: CF-25 micron same water used for entire year.
6 person usage for massage jets.( Air and water mixed)
2 people - lounge sitting.
1 person counters current endless swimming.
Water heater, air blower and LED lights.
The swim spa can be installed above or below ground.
Swim spa is equally good for outdoor or indoor usage.

Unique Design:
Swim spa is having Unique design with overflow and skimmer.
The access to the spa is from three sides.
Ample sitting area fully submerse or sitting on ramp.
It occupy only 100 sqft space in your house.

Massage JETS
Swim spa has Jacuzzi jet for body massage at back and shoulders.
Pressure is controlled by mix of air for soft and vigorous massage.

Endless Swimming Jets
3 nos of jets are in v shape allow user to swim in pool.
The circulation pump is of 3 hp with single phase only.
3.5 ft depth allow safe swimming for beginner or kids.

Water Filtration
Swim spa is equipped with CF-50 online cartridge filter of 25 micron which cleans the water up to crystal clear clarity trough out a year. And electrical consumption is very low and only need electricity of 2 units per day.

LED light
Color changing LED light for different effect.

Arrdev has made the innovative spa which is overflow type water collected in glass chamber.
Water Recirculate into spa with online filter of 25 micron.
4 people sitting in spa at one time.
Same water used throughout the year.
All weather usage with heated water.
12 nos of Jacuzzi jets are for 4 persons with two jet pumps and air controller.
24 nos of air jets are for whirl pool with air blower.
Digital control and air controlled on off system.
All above ground or semi ground installation.
LED color changing lights.

Jacuzzi TUB for 2 persons
2.5 ft wide and 6 ft long with capable to have 9 massage jet nozzles.

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