Swimming Pool Gym

Readymade swimming pools are usually small in Size and their small size made them capable to install at any place and anywhere. Small size also need less water and maintenance cost of these pools. For example the space in house, the electricity consumption, water weight, chemical feed and covering.
Swimming pool gym concept makes these pools not only swimming pools but a complete fitness and entertainment solution in fifth element of life – Water.

1. Counter current system: With water flowing from 6 jet nozzles or propeller system through water in one space where swimmer can swim against water current flowing from one direction. Hence small pools provide enough resistance which is controlled with speed controller.

2. Stretch Bends and roving bars: To build strength we need heavy weights and machines at gym. With stretch bends and roving bars same kinds of strength building happen without any machines and second it provide the same facility under water.

3. Running: Running or jogging is also possible in water against counter current system.

4. Aerobic: Under water aerobics are the best possible aerobic with less weight is felt under water and resistance is more.


      The 12 no's of Jacuzzi jets are designed in such a manner that provides massage to Shoulder, Back and Legs. The Massage is soft Massage with air mixed in water which makes bubbles jet stream.

      The controls are air based and jets can be adjusted as per user choice and comfort. The strength of the Massage can be regulated by regulating the air supply in jet stream.

      Counter Current jets are designed for vigorous Massage at different parts of body.

      Swimming Pool Gym Swimming Pool Gym


      Swimming Pool GymSwimming Pool Gym Swimming Pool GymSwimming Pool Gym

      Swimming is considered the best overall health fitness and enjoyment activity. The counter current provides continuous swimming in Swimming pool gym.

      This feature makes it the longest swimming pool of the city.Counter current swimming is the swimming against current of water.

      Swimming pool gym provides one of the best counter current system available in all over the world.

      The counter current system looks good with 6 no's of water outlet nozzles placed in angular form at the centre of swimming pool gym. The flow of water can be adjusted on 90 no's of different speeds. These speeds cover all ages, Gender, From non- swimmer to Olympic swimmers.

      Walking, Jogging and running against counter current is made 100% safe with anti-slippery bottom of swimming pool. Counter current works in center of Swimming pool gym and allow the swimmer take full span length wise as the water intake is at extreme end.

      Being centrally located counter current the swimmer can easily stop swimming be moving side of swimming pool wall.


      Aerobic in water is very useful technique as water reduces the body weight by 30% and increase resistance in moving body parts without any risk of injury. Water aerobics is medically proven for flexibility, Muscle and bone strength.

      The Hand bar of Swimming pool gym is used for support during exercises. There are sets of water aerobics design by experts. For more information visit.www.swimmingpoolgym.com and ask for DVD.

      Body Part Name of Exercise No. of Sets
      Upper Body Part Clap, Cross flies,Bicep,Tricep,Flutter,8 form  8 Repeat 1-5 sets
      Back ,Shoulder, FrontLower body part Front raise, Side raise, kicking, Fluttering, Jumping,  
      Legs, Thighs and back Cross walk, Seccior, Back stretch, Front push 8 Repeat 1-5 sets
      Abdomen a nd Back Crunches, Side Crunches 8 Repeat 1-5 ets
      Whol Body Jogging Running against water, Swimming As Per Wish
        Free Movements, Free Dancing  

      Swimming Pool GymSwimming Pool GymSwimming Pool Gym

    Power Gym

      Swimming Pool GymSwimming Pool Gym

      To increase the power and build muscles the streach band/power band are there in Swimming pool gym. These exercises are without any weight or weight machines and enough to perform any power exercise.

      These are 100% safe as no weight lifting or pushing is involved, The power bend under water or above water perform all the moves and purpose.

      There is no possibility of any injury in these power gym under water as the pressure on joints are gradual and as per the user wish.

      Our expert team with their years of experience and expertise had derived the movements . You may also visit to our web site:www.swimming pool gym.com or call for DVD for live training .

      Biceps Cable curl, Alternative Cable curl, Hammer
      Triceps  One arm extension, Both arm extension.
      Chest Butterfly front press, Cable press, Cross over
      Shoulders Cable press,Front raise, Bend over
      Back Cable pull,Single hand rowing.
      Abdomen Crunches,Front and side.
      Legs Lunges, Free Squirt, Leg raise front back, Side, kicks, Alternative curls.
      Whole body Walking, Jogging,Running and Swimming Against water and free dance for all.


    Be an achiever in life and allow your dream come true with Swimming pool gym. After all at the end of day health and happiness of you and your family is all that matters.

    It's much closer that you think.

    Swimming pool gym provides Swimming, Fun, Relaxation, Health and Aesthetics to you and your house.

    It has all the features one can think in Swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Gym.

    In 12000 liters of water and a size of 21ftx8.5ftx4ft, It provides continuous Swimming with Counter current system for relaxation it has Jacuzzi system with air induction in jet streams.

    All type of aerobic or power fitness and gym exercise are possible with handle bar and stretch bends.


    Swimming pool gym is Entirely Private, Hygienic and Ready to use any time.

    Public Swimming pool are not Hygienic and used by different kind of person with different medical conditions and history.

    Gymnasium are far of home and waste a lot time in travel and have fixed timings. Secondly gym are not for kids or old persons.

    Jacuzzi/ bath tubs are so small that only few people can sit in them and no fun is there.

    Swimming pool gym provide benefit of continuous Swimming, Water gym and Jacuzzi.

    It can be used day or night all around the year with Heating in cold Weather. AS this is used by family it is Completely Hygienic and with 25 micron cartridge filter it provides best possible clarity in water.

    The Entire family can enjoy and have fun in Swimming pool gym. Swimming pool gym has something or other for Entire family irrespective of age and gender. Your entire family feel togetherness and this will be the most active space in your house.

    Our customers has testify that after having Swimming pool gym at their home , Their Entire family is spending their TV time at pool and now they feel more happiness, Togetherness and started health life style.

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